We need your help. Gilpin County, the Gilpin County Board of County Commissioners and The Center for Research and Public Policy, Inc. (CRPP) are conducting a Quality of Life Survey among residents. This important survey includes questions about your quality of life, standard of living, awareness of county services, issues of concern, county service satisfaction, needs, economic and housing development, taxes and emergency planning.  Your views are important.  We need your opinions and appreciate your time.       
Your individual responses are strictly confidential. Your name, email address or contact information will never be associated with any of your responses, as the online survey never asks for your name, email address, or contact information. If you choose to complete a survey, CRPP immediately disassociates any contact information from the respective completed survey. Contact information is then removed from our systems.  CRPP will share ONLY composite aggregate data with Gilpin County.  
DEADLINE:  Please complete your survey on or prior to June 7, 2019.